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American Criminal Law: Cases, Statutes, and Comments, 2d

The second edition of Dubber& Kelman, American Criminal Law is both richer and shorter. Our goal was not to radically revise but to build on the strengths of the first edition and to further the original vision of the book: to present a teachable collection of stimulating and up-to-date materials that capture the complex reality of modern American criminal law.

The second edition thus continues to highlight contemporary issues such as sentencing, possession offenses, victims' rights, and the expansion of white collar crime. It follows a clear conceptual structure, yet challenges students where it counts; Notes, Questions, and Problems continue to encourage students to probe the diverse materials collected in the book, often suggesting alternative approaches to guide their engagement with the sources.

The second edition also provides teachers and students with a set of innovative supplementary materials, including CDs for students and teachers and a companion website. Teacher materials include a teacher's manual and eSupplement, featuring the annotated eMPC, supplemental cases, sample exams, and sample syllabi.

American Criminal Law is the first basic criminal law book that responds to the demand to put criminal law in comparative perspective, by exploring transnational comparisons and connections to other first year courses (especially torts and contracts). The second edition amplifies the book's distinctive comparative features by adding further transnational materials to enliven and enrich discussion.

The second edition continues to reflect our commitment to capturing contemporary American criminal law by incorporating new cases and materials, including but not limited to, the U.S. Supreme Court's recent cases on the insanity defense (Clark v. Arizona), duress (Dixon v. United States), the second amendment (District of Columbia v. Heller), and the death penalty for child rape (Kennedy v. Louisiana).

Last but not least, we streamlined the existing materials, shortening the book.

Markus D. Dubber

Mark G. Kelman

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