Written by:

Markus D. Dubber

SUNY Buffalo Law School
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Mark G. Kelman

Stanford Law School
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The interactive student tutorials made available here to teachers who have adopted the casebook for their class were written by one of the casebook authors, Markus D. Dubber, to introduce students to some of the central topics in the first-year criminal law course and to give them an opportunity to deepen their grasp of the material both during and outside of class.
The lessons include:
  1. Actus Reus
  2. Causation
  3. Consent
  4. Constitutional Limitations: Legality
  5. Constitutional Limitations: Eighth Amendment
  6. Excuses I: Duress, Entrapment, Mistake
  7. Excuses II: Insanity and Infancy
  8. Presumption of Innocence (Burden of Proof & Presumptions)
  9. Punishment Theories
  10. Sources of Criminal Law

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